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What makes our smoothies so different?

We use the #1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder, and fruit, to make the perfect

Fast food for healthy people


21 Vitamins and Minerals

No Juice, milk or yogurt


Or more grams of protein

Low Sugar

For your good health

Vegan and Gluten

Free Options, Fresh Fruit

Herbal Teas & Tea Bombs

Our special blend of Herbal Teas are designed to burn calories and give you sustained energy throughout your day. We mix in fresh and frozen with our incredible Meal Replacement Protein Powder to turn this bowl into the “Perfect Meal”. No Dairy, No Processed Sugars, Just Nature’s best fruit topped with Granola, Coconut and Banana.

Try our nutritional menu

Acai Bowls

No Dairy, No Processed Sugar, just nature’s best fruit topped with granola, coconut and banana.

Oatein Bowl

Gluten Free oats, meal replacement protein powder, topped with fruit and nuts to make the perfect meal.

Start your day the right way

with our delicious smoothies.

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13790 sw 56st suite K miller shopping 33175. Next to LA Fitness




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13790 sw 56st suite K miller shopping 33175. Next to LA Fitness

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